I seen Java Monkeys and I seen Java Apes, but I ain't never seen no Java Ape Monkey... and hence this title my site was condemned to sport.

This site was born on Friday November 27th, 2015.  It wasn't just any Friday, it was Black Friday, and I'm surprised to see that even European marketeers had gone absolutely ape m***y over using "Black Friday" for discount publicity that weekend.  Black Friday is yet another irritating buzzword, or term I guess, that has made the long trip over the Atlantic, crashed through Portugal, stumbled on the mountains, and slayed the language barrier to gain public fanatical popularity in Spain.  It's the kind of term you get sick of hearing as you're walking down semi-crowded shopping district sidewalks while unintentionally eavesdropping on conversations, especially when you've got no extra money to blow.  Thus I document the lovely day upon which I had created this web site.