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Guitar Resources

TablEdit (for .tef files)
Guitar Pro (for .gp4, .gp5, .gp6, etc. files)

Learning Guitar:

Middle C on the guitar fret board is the C on the first fret of the second string.
Other middle C locations(string)-fret: (3)-5, (4)-10, (5)-15, (6)-20
Strings are numbered 1 being the highest pitched E-string to 6 being the lowest pitched E-string.
Guitar staffs have a tenor clef (shown below with an 8 below it) meaning that all notes on the staff are an octave lower than those on a staff marked with a treble clef (such as violin or piano sheet music).

See here how the open string notes E A D G B E are shown on the tenor and treble staffs.

piano keyboard
frets to notes

frets to notes

In guitar music, notes played with the thumb have stems pointing down and those with the fingers have stems pointing up.

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