Useful PermissionsEx Commands

posted Dec 13, 2015, 12:09 AM by Greg Carriveau

Group progression on my server:
default > member > vip > mod > admin

 pex  display help
 pex reload
 reload permissions
 pex user <user> group set <group> [world]
 assign <user> to <group> (removing him from all other groups)
 pex group <group> users
 list all users in <group>
 pex group <group> add <perm> [world]
 add <perm> to <group> in optional [world]
 pex group <group> list [world]
 list all permissions assigned to <group> in optional [world]
 pex user <user> list [world]
 list all permissions assigned to <user> in optional [world]
 pex users
 list out all the registered users
 pex groups
 list out all the registered groups
 pex hierarchy
 print complete user/group hierarchy
 pex user <user> check <perm>
 check if <user> has specified <perm>
 pex user <user> delete
 remove <user> from permissions file

Setting up a CraftBukkit Server

posted Dec 11, 2015, 6:10 PM by Greg Carriveau   [ updated Jan 2, 2016, 4:48 AM ]

CraftBukkit is a bootleg Minecraft server.  There's no official download now for the builds.  Bukkit.Org used to have daily builds on GitHub but they got their asses kicked by Mojang and had to take it offline.  My interest in the CraftBukkit server was due to wanting an anti-griefing plugin for my home server.

Here's where it explains how to set up a CraftBukkit server among other things:

First off, here's where I got the compiled CraftBukkit 1.8.8 jar:

1) I downloaded the 1.8.8 build and saved it in my ~/CraftBukkit folder.
2) Copy the .jar file to a new ~/CraftBukkit_1_8_8 folder and rename the jar file to craftbukkit.jar
3) Run it once to create the server.settings, plugins folder, etc:  java -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar -o true
4) Edit the eula.txt file and set the variable in there to true.
5) Run it again:  java -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar -o true
6) Log in and play around a little, (you can use a vanilla Minecraft client), then stop the server.
7) Create the folder /plugins/update.  The update folder is where you put updated plugin jar files to upgrade existing ones.
    see plugin installation instructions here:

Ok here are some links related to CraftBukkit configuration:
Command Line Options:
(About the file)
(bPermissions plugin)
    look for bChatManager too, it's for color coding chat text

Download plugins and put them in the /plugins folder of your CraftBukkit server folder.
Here's the list of plugins:

Recommended Plugins:

Active development for CraftBukkit 1.8.x:
Admin Tools  (this should give you the /sethome and /home commands)  (random teleport)  (make blueprints, modify terrain, more!) (color coded ranks in player list, set player rank command for ops)
Cool Stuff

Here's what I have installed:
Allows claiming land for yourself and protecting your property against explosions, floods, robbery, etc.
(Commands and Permissions)

Vault (1.8.1)
This is an API for other plugins to access permissions, economy functions and more.
After installing, you might want to opt out of server info broadcasting by setting opt-out: true in
/plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml
Other plugins that use Vault:  (economy plugins might be interesting)
Download:  (see forum for more info)

WorldEdit (1.8.1 up to 1.8.8)
WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft, supporting both single player and multiplayer.
Download:  (orange download button)

EssentialsX (1.8.1)
Gives you the /sethome and /home commands
(Command Reference)
(Starter Kits) (tells how to do custom books in starter kits, too) (Item IDs - gold shovel is 284 for claims)
(Sign Documentation)

EssentialsXChat (1.8.1)
Shows the prefixes and suffixes in chat.  The plugin comes with the EssentialsX pack.

PermissionsEx (1.8.1)
Manage player command permissions, promote players to op via command line in-game, etc.

Dynmap 2.2 (1.8.1)
Render a website map in real time as you build.  There's also a plug-in for interfacing with GriefPrevention that shows claims on the map as they are created.
Documentation and Download:
GitHub project with more documentation:
Map (currently natting port 80 external to 8123 internal for http://localhost:8123/

JDynmapGriefPrevention 2.5 (1.8.1)
Show claims on your Dynmap
/jdgp reload - to reload the configuration file.
/jdgp - for list of all commands related to the plugin
admin permission: jdynmapgriefprevention.admin (to see all available commands)
Documentation and Download:
See also (original very slow Dynmap-GriefPrevention plugin):

WorldBorder 1.8.4 (1.8.1)
Limit your players to a specific region.  World border is shown on DynMap.
Permissions and Commands:
Set all permissions for admin group:  /pex group admin add worldborder.*
/wb = list available WorldBorder commands

ProtocolLib 3.6.4 (1.8.1)
Used for things like FramePicture (FramePicture only available for Spigot 1.8.1... bleh, whaahhh!)
protocol.admin - enable administrative commands
  • config: Reload the configuration file.
  • check: Check for new versions on BukkitDev.
  • version: Displays the currently running version of ProtocolLib.
  • timings: Toggle measuring the amount of CPU time spent by each plugin.
  • listeners: Display what plugins are using ProtocolLib, and the packet types they are intercepting.

Here's where you can get Minecraft decompiled source code:

Here's where you can get the latest Bukkit.jar API build:

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